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  • Friday, November 07, 2008

    I’ve Been the Death of Chivalry
    by Sean Ripple
    www.flickr.com/photoaiting. s/flatlife

    It’s early on a Tuesday morning. I’m waiting at my new since July bus stop with my bike so that I can get to work. A number of route riding regulars, who have been riding the route long enough to act like chitter chatting middle schoolers on a school bus show up. One of the last to arrive before the bus hits our stop is one such regular – a woman in her late 50’s, who like myself, has a bike in tow.

    The bus hits our stop. There’s another bike on the two bike capacity bike rack that’s attached to the front of the bus. The in her late 50’s cancer-surviving bus-riding bicyclist regular begins to adjust her belongings in such a way that I’m lead to believe she’s going to try to take the vacant bike slot, though she was the last to arrive to the stop. After a few twitches of time pass I gain the courage to say, “How are we going to do this… I was here first… you ok with me taking the slot?” She says, “sure that’s fine.”

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