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  • Friday, February 24, 2006

    And Multiply
    By Sean Ripple

    I was born of the passion between two people. One man………one woman. Not like some, who were born out of non-intention. You know, the, “I don’t want to wear one tonight” kind of thing. I’m fortunate. I’m an expression of desire. I was planned.

    What is it that I have to offer? Who will help me extend the manifestation? It will most likely take a great deal of convincing. Although, my parents do speak of the instantaneous feeling that indicated to them that they were meant to be. Hmmm……..that’s pretty confident. I can only hope.

    What if it’s up to me to phase out an unnecessary tangent? Like Latin, but less. A language so limp even liars laug……….'my……….taking quite a few liberties with the alliterative device don’t you think………..give people a little room.' Anyway, my point is, what if I’m the complete sum of q and r’s desire?

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