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  • Tuesday, June 26, 2007

    On a Night Just Like Tonight
    By Sean Ripple

    In the hour since leaving the bookstore I’ve come up with about 10 lines that I wanted this writing to start with. The least of which was the self-referential introduction.

    But here we are…or at any rate here I am sharing a bit before calling it a night…starting with I in plain view of everyone.

    On such an occasion as when the weight of my own insignificance attempts to shove me out into the world of online freelance photography at a chance at salvation, I bark back, “The world needs another freelance photographer like I need the new Justin Timberlake record!”

    Shame on my local newspaper for tempting me into believing that my energies should be devoted to scraping for a buck on a site like iStockPhoto.com -this statement isn’t a strike against the site or those who use the site to scrap for a buck…let me be clear. I just know me and me knows that I’d prefer to learn how to engineer air filters that filter out air pollutants smaller than a common dog flea, before I tried to meet the demands of a client using my photographic talents.

    Instead of trying my hand at online freelance photography, how about gaining some serious stem cell research like understanding that learns how to clone from the superficiality of skin cells, the most specialized of cell types. Hogwash, that’s just my envy trying on a lab coat and calling itself Richard.

    How about discussing the plight of all those in history that have lost out to the strong arm of conquest?

    Nah, that’s too broad a scope for an air filterer concerned with air pollutants smaller than a common dog flea.

    The trees in a forest and red pencil lead buried in a sand dune.

    Sorry Sorry…too personal…

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