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  • Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    A Young Man’s Song
    By Sean Ripple

    A young man with a set of headphones on passed him in the crosswalk singing a song out loud. He was unfamiliar with the song, but in that brief moment, he was taken. It was early morning. The Earth had not yet made its’ Sun revealing rotation, so it was darkness splashed with some traffic light that set the scene. A few minutes later and this would all change. At his old age, this phenomenon had not ceased to amaze. “Oh what is that song the young man was singing?” He thought. “Maybe I should turn around and catch up with him, tap him on the shoulder and ask, ‘Excuse me, but I was taken by the melody and words I heard you singing in the crosswalk. Would you mind telling me the name of the song?’” He would never actually do this however. Not because he was too timid, but because he knew that what he found to be so alluring was not the song. It was the youthful vitality the young man displayed through the act of singing along to a song - a song he'd never know - that stirred him.

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