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  • Monday, February 27, 2006

    Simple Dwellings of Decompression
    By Sean Ripple

    Deep within the cityscape’s epicenter, that being the heart of each individual who populates the bustle, lives an ineffable motivation to push forward, to exist, to influence, to unify, to divide and so on. It is from this place that we built our company, Totemism Inc., which sought to manufacture our patented, Simple Dwellings of Decompression. We leased prime downtown real estate (a slumping economy being an ally in this case) in an effort to position ourselves amongst our target market, the businessperson. Our reason for selecting this market was simple: We wanted to soften business’ influence over the topography of our communities, giving less space to the strong arm of greed and more to those who wanted less.

    Obviously, our intentions were far too problematic to come to fruition. We closed shop yesterday.

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