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  • Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    We Here
    By Sean Ripple

    We'll take a dramatization over theoretical astronomy. We'll take pomp while others take the circumstantial. We'll love as if these things were important, while others analyze the characteristics of distant planets provided by data sheets given by satellites. We'll create cave paintings while others make fuel from water. We'll huddle in ignorance while others design our holding cells.

    We are grateful for this existence of computation holding it all together. We don't care a thing for the inner workings of its function however. We talk in drunken code while others construct a language of razor edge. We will come to an end and others will take up the charge. The lines running parallel. The lines some sort of delight.

    When detached from the juice of all things there is only a faint beat, and it is a joyous thing to know that what life is transcends all but a slight understanding.

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