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  • Friday, March 10, 2006

    Transient Bursts or Flash Tag
    By Sean Ripple

    He took 6 months to learn how to create flash movies in the flash authoring environment. He was inspired by the movie Style War's depiction of the early graffiti scene in New York City. The idea seemed natural to him that floating ads could function in a similar way to that of a subway train. The author could tag the floating ad and it could "travel" to whomever might be confronted with the advertisement. By subverting the original purpose of the advertisement, which he felt was to idealize qualities not inherently present within an object or service itself, he created a new forum where he could communicate his identity.

    27 years after introducing the practice, it is hard to find a commercial site on the internet that has not been tagged in such a manner. Special T.V. programs, theatrical documentaries and major motion picture biopics are devoted to artists who were involved with the early movement. Current artists are given major gallery exhibitions which are curated by major corporations. Their pieces sell for millions (in the upwards of 200) of dollars. Books are published and sold in chain stores. Museums and universities house collections of significant artists associated with the movement. The names and histories of the artists have been incorporated into art history lessons.

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