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  • Thursday, March 16, 2006

    Without Care of End
    By Sean Ripple

    Four for (4) or For four (4) months, a month being the period during which the moon passes once through its phases, equal to about 30 days or 4 weeks, Gentelwoman Chardra spent all her freetime drafting, sketching, drawing and doodling the terminal part of the human arm, consisting of the wrist, palm, four (4) fingers and thumb, also known as the human hand or simply the hand. Gentelwoman Chardra consulted drawing and medical books and used her own hand as a hand model.

    How many mini depictions of Gentlewoman Chadra's hand at drawing hands had accumulated over the fore, I mean four (4) months? Close 2 two too to 3200 pages. Not all the pages contained just one depiction of a hand. Some pages contained 15 while others contained 11. Others 19...still others 23. Actually, there was only one page that contained only 1 drawing of a hand. It was the 3rd page Gentlewoman Chardra did.

    These 4 or four or fore or for months of drawing hands did not bring Gentlewoman Chardra to a masterly skill level of hand drawing. The fact is, most of the drawings were crap. However, her efforts are remembered here in this writing as part of an exhibit on doing without care of end.

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