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  • Thursday, November 16, 2006

    White Shadow
    By Sean Ripple

    As she drifted from the uninteresting party conversation, she noticed a record cover leaning by one of the stereo speakers. The cover was a bust portrait black and white photograph of Peter Gabriel, his hands raised up in front of him in a strained manner. 10 white jagged trails (one trail for each finger) were added to the photograph to create a sense of scratching through the surface. Still looking at the cover, a mental image of Peter Gabriel coughing while sitting at a large varnished wood table in dim light in his home flickered. Then, while taking a sip of her drink, she imagined him rising from his seat and calling out for someone in another room.

    “…And it allows me to watch the programs I’m interested in on my schedule, not the broadcaster's. It’s really great.”
    “Yeah, sounds like it. Maybe I should finally join the ranks.”

    Peter called out for her again, hoping this time she would hear him, but she had already drifted back to the party.

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