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  • Thursday, June 28, 2007

    By Sean Ripple

    Let us first argue with the newspaper column commentary, which seeks to devalue our attempts by calling our thoughts weak and our artistry Kincadeian.

    After we have satisfactorily parted ways with it in our mind, we can drift among words for the sheer pleasure of it. While doing so, we might even happen upon a few others who share our desire.

    A little later however, and we will have to contend with the organizing principles of all those who really know. You know, those who know how to program the DVR and operate on hearts and speak in numbers the most efficient form of flattery. Don’t forget the mapmakers. Those guys haggle over borders better than I haggle over old metal lunch boxes at Bussey’s Flea Market off of I-35…well, that’s not saying much…I’ve never been very good at bargaining.

    My point is we have to live in their world a little more than they do ours. This fact used to depress me a great deal. If anything has ever been successful at making me feel quite a lot like a parasitic life form, it’s been this thought. However, I’ve made peace with it and am thankful…for what, I do not know.

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