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  • Friday, September 21, 2007

    Recent Performances in Which These Words are the Only Documentation
    By Sean Ripple

    1) Dropped my preparatory materials by Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes during James Housefield's lecture to docents concerning the art pieces in the Austin Museum of Art's exhibit Extra-Ordinary Selections from the Whitney Museum of American Art. Everyone turned and looked at me as though I had stepped on the tail of a cat. 8/24/07

    2) Danced in front of the Paramount Theatre on Congress while an Austin Duck Adventures tour guide explained the history of the theatre to his tour. 8/24/07

    3) Sang along to Harry Nilsson's version of the Randy Newman song The Beehive State while sitting in my car at a traffic light. I had my windows down. The car next to me, whose windows were also rolled down, rolled their windows up after a few seconds of being subjected to my singing. 9/17/07

    4) Witnessed a GMC brand SUV almost hit a bicyclist on 6th street. The bicyclist had the right-of-way in my opinion. Though, I may be biased. 9/21/07

    5) Walking from 8th and Congress to 1st and Congress, I rubbed my nose each time I passed a person (or group of persons) on the sidewalk. 11/27/07

    6) While descending 17 floors in a service elevator that had a security camera for monitoring purposes, I slowly spun myself in circles. No one else was in the elevator at the time. 11/28/07

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