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  • Sunday, April 23, 2006

    By Sean Ripple

    The unintended unearthing of a past experience contained in the fold of memory is a common occurrence. Often the result of some spark of external stimuli like watching a rerun of a television program, this common occurrence is quite a wonderful example of the mystery. The recalling of this sort of memory being different in nature to that of bringing back to mind buried postulates, logic tables and other abstractions of varying type in that it is more a doorway to a room than the scratch paper of compulsion. Relived is the past tense of a word used to signify the occurrence. However, with this signification there is a push to negate the mystery.

    The actual experience of the common occurrence of reliving a memory rents the veil of the attempted negation.

    So upon our death (the great renter of veils) does our coiled perceiver figuratively unfold to reveal itself as one strip of uniquely obtained experience...to be eternally manifested?

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