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  • Monday, May 08, 2006

    Simultaneously Subjective
    By Sean Ripple

    There is no agreement, wouldn't you say, in how to say that which is to be understood.

    However, there are recurrences of theme and similarly employed strategies stratified throughout this human expression. A small amount of understanding can be spoken diversely in every person who is or has been. For example take, "Crying may be an evolutionary response to undesired or adverse environmental situations for the increased fitness of human ancestry" and compare to "She recognized the pattern immediately and decided to quiet it by crying." These two quotations are addressing a similar root (the survival instinct as manifested through the act of crying) --but go about making claim in differentiated ways.

    The difference in the way in which the claim is constructed is based mostly on precepts of discipline acquired through volitional acceptance. Of course, I am not addressing actual divisions in understanding, because that is a dissimilar topic. I am only addressing that which may be considered unified or common or of the same mind.

    Through this, universality would appear to be simultaneously subjective...

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