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  • Saturday, September 30, 2006

    Turning Away From the Base of a Stone Figure
    By Sean Ripple

    The ruin is the monument?

    Or does the ruin come about from a desire to erect a monument? The effort to move the ideal past points of conflict becoming more tense...more violent, as a dominance struggles to assert itself.

    Could it be that the mask of idealism is what the ruin hides behind?

    Of course
    We all find ruin in our lives.
    The ruin comes for our mortal flesh even.
    Without any doubt, we know that the ruin is a pervasive force.

    Yet, so is the opposite of ruin. Watch the ivy climb the walls as a monument to the non-ruin.
    Feel the doctor slap your bottom as a new born, not yet knowing what it is to directly partake in the breathing of this atmosphere.
    The cellular concert of person, a living example of that which is opposite to an eventual end.

    There is also a perpetual beginning...

    But what of the finite nature of resource?
    What of the consuming force of non-ruin being ruin?
    What of the cellular concert of person being a great example of viciousness and greed?

    The preceding questions are a monument to those who need a mask of idealism to portray their being.

    Those who lack the ability to give back to what they take.

    Lacking the ability to reinvigorate a life not of stone and rubble and etching and pupil-less eye and without arm woman and antiquated historical preference and "this is how it is" assertion and "remember what could have been/what was" nostalgia and "to be governed along these lines" ruling and every 10 year broadcasts of "that tragic moment that cannot be forgotten" and walls maintained to preserve a death and religiosity used as an installment of fear of that death and a religiosity used as a justification for the death of others.

    The monument is not only the end or the ruin.
    Though, lamenting the fact that there is ruin is understandable.
    The monument is not only the end or the ruin.

    Let us not be reminded by the failure of being perpetuated by the ruin.
    Let us be reminded by the ongoing being that considers not its end, but its perpetual nature

    ...unashamed and aware...

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