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  • Wednesday, January 02, 2008

    Story Idea for an Epic Hollywood Sci-Fi Flic
    By Sean Ripple

    In the very distant future a virus kills off all of humanity. This virus adapts until eventually it gains a consciousness and exhibits a dominant life pattern similar to that of the long forgotten human race.

    While exploring their world, the conscious viral race discovers the ruined cities and towns of ancient humanity as well as naturally preserved human remains and wonders how their own lives might be connected to this vanished form of existence.

    When the viral race learns that their microbial ancestors used humanity as a host and were responsible for the downfall of the human species, global power structures of varying sort decide that efforts must be made to resurrect humanity so that the conscious viral race might be absolved of the guilt of a murderous heritage. After many years of failure, the viral race successfully regenerates humanity.

    Despite the viral race’s efforts to keep humanity’s history of extinction a secret, thanks to rogue members of viral society, humans learn about their period of extinction caused by the viral race.

    Global turmoil erupts, but life ultimately prevails.

    What form of life prevails is anybody’s guess...

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